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Max Used Furniture is a secure marketplace that respects the uniqueness of your furniture, whether you’re looking to make an affordable buy or sell your own carefully used furniture. The uniqueness and durability of designer used furniture is obvious. 

For this reason, when the time comes for new furniture, it’s best to postpone on immediately getting rid of the good piece. We offer a marketplace for the sale and buy from USED FURNITURE BUYER IN DUBAI at competitive costs, thus ensure that our exclusive furniture continues to be valued and refines your rooms look.


Max Used Furniture require as much information as possible to help you get the most money for your unwanted furniture, junk, home appliances, or scrap.

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When you sell your used home appliances to USED HOME APPLIANCES BUYER IN UAE, you’ll get a fair payment and you’ll be helping the home environment at the same time. Smart home devices such as LED bulbs, air purifiers, espresso makers, and hair dryers are already common in many households.

Max Used Furniture is the place you go to quickly and effortlessly sell your used electronics. We provide a marketplace for buying and selling home appliances, allowing you to get rid of your old electronics while also making some extra money.


When it comes to clearance and disposal, no one does it better than Max Used Furniture, and we also happen to be the top JUNK REMOVAL SERVICE IN UAE.

We are experts at junk removal, store and office liquidation, and clearance, as well as efficient disposal of all unwanted materials. Our company has expanded fast over the past few years to meet the rising demand for our services. We do our best to reduce your stress and make your time with us enjoyable without drawing unnecessary attention to ourselves.


Anything that has exceeded its value is considered scrap. It can be a rusty old fence you wish to get rid of or a big old stove that no longer has a home in your kitchen. But hold on, don’t just throw it! The item may have financial worth. If SCRAP BUYER IN UAE told you that your scrap could be turned into cash, would you believe us? You read that correctly.

We’ll expertly dispose of all of your unwanted household items, garbage, and furniture before handing over a spotless apartment. We will efficiently and thoroughly clear out your kitchen, attic, basement, or garage.



Evaluation and Estimation

Inform us of everything that may be of interest. We also evaluate the sales potential and establish a marketing strategy, all of which are provided at no cost to you.

Years of experience making things easier for you.

Our UAE-based experts at Max Used Furniture have helped many clients just like you build thriving businesses. When we tal about our background We have a diverse staff, but we all have one thing in common: a commitment to giving exceptional service to customers who are purchasing or selling interesting items of furniture, home appliances, or scrap material.

Providing a transport service

We arrange for safe, safe transport of all your used furniture, appliances, scrap, and other wasted items. We will keep you updated and help you communicate with the insurance company if any damage occurs during transportation. Once your things have been sold, the buyer is responsible for any damage caused during delivery, and you have no claim as the seller. You can arrange for the secure shipping of your old furniture through our network of partners to assure timely delivery in one piece.



Streamlined furniture sales process with Max Used Furniture

Revealing our commitment to delivering quality with perfection!​​
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Customer Support

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Shared Pictures

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Get Quotation

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Close The Deal

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Final Inspection

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Receive Payment

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Collect Furniture

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Max Used Furniture Buyers in Dubai

Max Used Furniture In Dubai

Founded in 2002, Max Used Furniture is a family-owned business with over 21 years of experience in the furniture industry. We are proud to offer a wide range of new and used furniture and appliances to homes and businesses across the UAE.

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