How do you determine the value of used furniture?

Did you uncover an ancient wing chair in your aunt’s attic? Or the living room wall in the basement? Now, you undoubtedly want to know how to determine the genuine value of furniture. Then you are precisely correct with Max Used Furniture! Find out here which elements impact the value of used furniture, where you can sell used furniture and what you should pay attention to when buying and selling used furniture from Used furniture buyers in Dubai.

What determines the worth of used furniture?

We have summarized the most relevant variables below so that you may assess the value of the furniture.

The age

In general, the age of a piece of furniture is not generally the decisive factor, so you can’t assume that older age inevitably indicates more value. However, it would be a mistake to associate rarity with age. Rare furniture does not have to come from the last century. Sometimes, modern goods are unique, for example, if they come from a famous artist.

An antique is a piece of furniture with unique value due to its antiquity, especially if it is ornately decorated. However, age is subjective: regular antique shops define artefacts 50 or older as antiques.

The state

Are you the owner of a precious piece of furniture that is no longer in good condition? It may be worth employing a professional Used furniture buyer. Would you instead take the repairs into your own hands? In such a circumstance, visiting a specialist is all the more vital. They will advise you on effectively repairing the piece of furniture without sacrificing its value. Unprofessional repairs lower the value. For example, improperly painted furniture that is otherwise in good condition can even be worth less than things in inferior but original shape.

The material

Why is the value of antique furniture, in most cases, higher than the item built from chipboard from the furniture store? So, beautiful, high-quality materials improve the worth of a piece of furniture compared to furniture created from lesser materials.  Used furniture buyers in Ajman

In addition, the material procurement costs are crucial in this context. Certain varieties of wood are more difficult to obtain and prepare. Refining such material must be included in the entire wood preparation cost. The material utilized also has a direct impact on the pricing. The general guideline here is that the greater the price, the thicker and softer the material.

The manufacturer

In general, the quality of the furniture is far more significant than the name that may be read elsewhere. Presumably, only some people want a designer dining table that is already missing a leg or whose top is scratched. And one thing is clear: it will undoubtedly make you less money than a table in pristine condition from a lesser-known brand. That’s why it’s worth taking good care of your current furniture if you intend to sell it to old furniture buyers one day.

So, are there no manufacturers, which means more money? But of course. You can find various design firms whose high-quality old furniture might cost an astounding amount in the webshop.


The more comparable seating furniture available, the less money you can spend on a sofa. As a result, be prepared to bargain at all times. However, it would help if you did not accept a price that you are completely dissatisfied with. So, get the keys and browse the furniture categories in Max Used Furniture’s classified advertising for research. Have you developed an interest in it and want to learn more about how to sell furniture effectively? Then, used furniture buyers in Ajman will have more information for you. However, if you want to learn more about buying used furniture, more intriguing facts are available here.

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